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Critical Thinking Assessment Test

This test serves as an assessment of your critical thinking ability. In order to insure that your test results are accurate please read through the following instructions:

The time limit for this test is 60 minutes. The average student typically takes 30-40min to complete this exam. Students who pace themselves tend to do much better than students who rush through the questions.

It is recommended that you find a quiet place that is free from interruption to take this exam. A stable high-speed internet is also necessary to insure the test runs smoothly. The 60 minute time limit does not pause if your internet connection is interrupted. If this occurs please log back in as soon as possible and complete the exam.

The CTAT evaluates several different aspects of critical thinking and as such it is not uncommon for students to excel in some sections and have difficulty with others. Here is a breakdown what your score indicates:

0%-59% Below Average

60%-75% Average - The majority of students score in this range

76%-100% Above Average - A score in this range indecates excellent critical thinking skills however there is always room for improvement within each of the 4 test sections.

Ready to being? You will have 60 minutes to complete 79 questions.