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How it Works

Here are the four programs we offer

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Student community

Student Community

Your journey with CollegePlus will be challenging, but you won’t have to do it alone. You will be surrounded by a group of students who are taking on the same challenges and facing the same decisions. Here are some of the ways you can get plugged into our student community:

National Conference

Every year we have a national student conference. Students from all over the country come together to learn, solve problems, and build lasting relationships.

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CP Forum

We have an incredibly active student forum for students to connect with each other through all kinds of topics and shared interests.


Empower Groups

Empower Groups exist to keep students who attended our national conference connected with each other in a deep and meaningful way. When CollegePlus students get together, there is an energy and passion for life that you will rarely experience elsewhere. Those students who attended the conference not only want to stay connected, but need to stay connected. Empower Groups provide the opportunity to do just that.

Students meet biweekly on Google Hangouts, with a maximum number of 10 people to a group. Each session is different, usually with a different student bringing the agenda and topics for discussion.

Local Chapters

Begun in 2014, local chapters are a way for students to connect with each other at a local level. The goal is to build relationships while serving their communities.

Interested in learning more about our student community? Talk to a student.

Academic coaching

Academic Coaching

After you enroll, you will be contacted by your CollegePlus Coach.

The goal of a CollegePlus Coach is to help you excel in your studies and develop the motivation and skills you need to earn your degree and tackle what life holds for you beyond graduation.

You will be matched with a Coach of the same gender, allowing for a deep, personal relationship. Your Coach is here to guide you in your studies and provide encouragement, accountability, wisdom, and mentorship along the way.

Every two weeks, you’ll participate in a Coaching Call. On this 30 minute Coaching Call, you and your Coach will discuss your progress and plan future action. Between calls, you have unlimited access to your Coach via email. They’re always there to help keep you on track and address anything that comes up.

Have questions about how coaching will work for you? Fill out a Student Counselor contact form.


Life Planning

You will go through Navigate, an application specifically designed to help CollegePlus students discover and design their life plan.

You will be challenged to choose a major and define a vision for your future.

Together, your major and vision will serve as filters to help you make important decisions during your college career and throughout the rest of your life.

By going through Navigate before your Degree Consultation, you can choose your major with confidence, knowing you have identified your life trajectory and what God is calling you to do.

To learn more about how Navigate works talk to a student who has used the application.

Study skills

Study Skills

We live in a world of constant change; a world where new technology becomes outdated in mere days. The ability to quickly read, memorize, and recall large amount of information are two key skills necessary to thrive in this ever-changing world.

As you work through the Speed Reading and Memory Skills courses, you will learn both of these high-demand skills and how to apply them to your college courses and career.

Additionally, you will complete a Critical Reasoning course. Critical Reasoning was designed to help strengthen your test-taking skills by assessing your problem-solving strengths and weaknesses, using mentally challenging exercises to help improve them.

To learn more about the power of study skills request to talk to one of our Student Counselors.

Earning credit

Earning Credit

You will start earning credit by taking exams and online courses. If you are majoring in Biology or Pre-Med, or just want to add some variety to your degree plan, you may add in some onsite courses as well.

All exams (and many online courses) have a CollegePlus study guide. Our study guides include recommended resources and study tips, as well as worldview questions to help you delve deeper and apply the subject to your life.

You will have access to our student forums where you can receive tips and help from other students who have already completed the exam or course you’re currently working on.

You will also have access to TrailMarker, an interactive online study system specifically designed to help CollegePlus students track and master their knowledge of many of the most popular subjects and exams.

Questions about earning credit this way? Request to talk to a Student Counselor.

CollegePlus Courses

We offer online CollegePlus courses specifically created to help prepare you for your life beyond college. These courses include Comparative Worldviews, Social Justice from a Biblical Perspective, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Community Service Learning, and our Signature Leadership Courses ‒a three-course series on leadership and communication taught by Dr. Jeff Myers.

Questions about our courses? Talk with a Student Counselor.

Degree consultation

Degree Consultation

After you’ve decided on your school and major, you’ll meet with one of our Degree Consultants to build your degree plan.

Your Degree Consultant will take all the requirements and guidelines of your chosen major and school and then help you customize it to your goals.

Degree Manager

Once you’ve completed your consultation, your degree plan will be entered into Degree Manager, allowing you and your Coach to easily plan your goals and keep track of your progress.

Your Degree Consultant’s job isn’t done once the consultation is over. College policies can change and your goals and objectives are likely to grow as you work through new material. Your Degree Consultant is always prepared to help you make any necessary adjustments.

Ready to get started? Begin the application process now

Partner colleges

College Transfer

As a student, you will participate in our unique program and your degree will be awarded from the regionally accredited college of your choice.

Once you have picked what we call your "graduating institution," you will continue earning college credit. You will enroll in your graduating institution once you have earned the maximum amount of transfer credits allowed for graduation. This strategy allows you to save significant time and tens of thousands of dollars.

College Options

CollegePlus has helped students earn credit toward degrees at over 100 colleges and universities. Our academic advising department can provide an in-depth analysis of your desired college, including a comprehensive degree plan of how CollegePlus can save you both time and money at that institution.

Typically students who participate in the CollegePlus program will earn and transfer between 60 and 90 credits, matriculating as a Junior or Senior for final degree completion. All degrees are awarded by regionally accredited non-profit, colleges and universities. View available majors here or Talk to a Student Counselor about your college options.

Program costs

Program Costs

CollegePlus Tuition

Due to the wide variety of tuition costs based on your degree of choice and the targeted institution, we prefer to consult with you, create a plan, and then determine pricing.

Your CollegePlus tuition includes personalized academic coaching, access to a suite of custom online applications all designed to help students succeed at the collegiate level, study skills training, degree consultations, degree planning and access to our thriving student community.

For more information on the various pricing options request a call from one of our Student Counselors.

Study materials – $10-$30 per subject

By utilizing the recommended resources in our comprehensive study guides, you’re able to avoid costly textbook purchases for most of your courses. With the help of this guide, your coach will direct you as you select the resources you need for each subject.

Credit-by-Exam Fees – $17-$35 per credit hour

By utilizing credit-by-exam, you will be able to earn credit at a fraction of the cost of traditional coursework. And instead of having to pay for an entire semester or year at a time, these credits are pay-as-you-go, allowing you to earn the bulk of your credits at the pace that’s most comfortable for your budget.

CollegePlus Courses – $150-$600 each

Taught from a Christian worldview, our CollegePlus and Signature Leadership Courses are specifically designed with you in mind. Including courses like Comparative Worldviews, taught by John Stonestreet and Leadership Theory and Practice, taught by Dr. Jeff Myers, our CollegePlus courses were created to help you gain college credit and learn marketable skills while simultaneously building and honing your Biblical worldview.

Transfer College Cost

The cost for this portion of the program varies widely, depending on your target college, your major, and how many credits you will be earning through your chosen institution.

The CollegePlus Admissions Team can give you an estimate based on your personal needs and plans. Schedule a call!

Start sequence


1. Begin Initial Application

Complete your initial application here. The admissions team will then review your application and a Student Counselor will contact you for your initial conversation.

2. Communicate with a Student Counselor

The Student Counselor is here to serve you by answering your questions and helping you learn which CP program may be the best fit. As a current or former student of the program, they have valuable personal experience and extensive training to draw from, and they can answer just about any question you throw at them. They will spend as much time as necessary to help you determine when you would like to take the next step: the Admissions Application.

3. Complete Admissions Application

The Admissions Application, delivered and received electronically, requires the prospective student to answer several short-answer questions, one essay question, and also provide three adult references willing to speak on the applicant’s behalf. Once this application is complete, the student (and parents if the student is under the age of 18) will attend a qualifying interview with a CollegePlus Admissions Advisor.

4. Attend Admissions Advisor Interview

Your Admissions Advisor is looking out for your success. They will talk you through the written application and conduct a qualifying interview to see if you fit the profile of a successful CP student. Their main objective is to help you decide what program may be best for you. If you are admitted, you will be transferred to a representative in Student Services who will enroll you in the program.

5. Process Enrollment

Student Services will help you select a start date, set up your customized payment plan, and secure a spot with your Coach.

If you have any questions, request a call from one of our Student Counselors.

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