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CollegePlus Prep

Earn transferable college credit in high school.

Your student can apply their high school studies to college by earning up to 18 college credits without changing curriculum.

Create a plan

With the help of an Academic Advisor, your student will create a customized education plan to help them transition seamlessly from high school to college.

Earn college credit

Using a variety of methods, like online classes and competency-based exams, your student will earn up to 18 transferable college credits.

Save time in college

Your student will cut out an entire semester's worth of college while building the advanced study habits that will expedite their future college studies.


How does it work?

Academic Advisor

Your student’s Academic Advisor will help them plan out their dual credit journey, making sure their coursework lines up with their goals. At the end of your family’s time with Prep, your student’s Academic Advisor will help you build your student’s high school transcript and create a plan for a smooth transition into college.

Comparative Worldviews

Not only is the Comparative Worldviews course worth 3 college credits, but it’s also a foundational block that will help your student understand what they believe and why they believe it. Over six weeks, instructor John Stonestreet will help your student understand the world’s three major worldviews, what they teach, and help them develop a firm understanding of their own faith.

Competency-based exams

Instead of having to re-arrange your student’s high school studies to attend extra classes, competency-based exams allow them to earn college credit when they’re ready to, simply by taking the equivalent of a college exam. Due to the condensed format of these exams, you student will be able to work through topics that line up with their current curriculum, seamlessly combining high school and college credits.

The Coach

Your student’s Academic Life Coach will call them twice a month to keep them accountable for their progress. Through collaborative, student-centric conversations that include both their education and life outside of school, your student will be challenged to view their academic journey as one part of a bigger picture of life preparation.

Elliot mobile

I want to be a doctor, and there is a lot of school involved in going into a medical profession. [Prep] seemed like a good option because it would give me dual credits now so I can get a head start on where I want to go. After a little over a month of studying and working with Prep, I took my first test. I passed. All that hard work paid off. I was 15-years old and had 6 college credits. My confidence level was high and I was ready to take the next test.

Elliot Peterson, CollegePlus Student


How much does it cost?

Down Payment




$145 / month

Expect additional expenses such as courses and books. Actual price varies depending on your student’s specific coursework. Our Admissions Representatives will help you estimate your total program cost.

Is Prep for your student?

Taking into account your student’s high school and college goals, our Admissions Representatives will help you determine how Prep can help your student get a jumpstart on college.

Frequently Asked Questions