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How It Works

Collegiate Consultants

Your CollegePrep journey kicks off with a call from one of our experienced Collegiate Consultants. Together, you’ll:

  • Assemble your student’s high school plan which entails identifying student and teacher strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine how CollegePrep will fit into your high school schedule
  • Identify where you can maximize your student’s dual credit opportunities.

As your student works through the Navigate program, they will be challenged to explore their interests, gifts, and talents and how they connect to their unique God-given life calling.

Think of them as a high school guidance counselor who will be able to help you optimize your high school, field your questions, and help you navigate the craziness that is high school.

By the end of your time with the Collegiate Consultant, you will establish a plan of action for high school, have a rock solid high school transcript, and be equipped to launch your student into the next phase of their education.

Life Purpose


Your student will work to discover, understand, and unlock their God-given purpose through introspective questions and actionable steps. This is done through a series of modules designed to equip your student to make good decisions at all the important pivots in their life.

As your student works through the Navigate program, they will be challenged to explore their interests, gifts, and talents and how they connect to their unique God-given life calling.

Accountability Mentoring

Through this process, your student will be called upon to take ownership of their education. However, they can’t do this alone. That’s why each student will have an Accountability Mentor of their own to guide them through the process. Through one-on-one coaching calls, the mentor will:

  • Help your student define success, identify necessary goals, and hold your student accountable to reach them.
  • Coach your student in growth and maturity as they take ownership of their education and become a motivated and self-directed learner.
  • Assist your student to develop their personal communication skills and to be able to articulate themselves.
  • Help your student create a plan of action that will enable them to launch into effectively carrying out their life purpose.

Life Skills

Critical Reasoning

The ability to reason critically and to not only learn, but apply complex information is key in the life of any young scholar. The Critical Reasoning course will equip your student to operate at the collegiate level by teaching them how to think critically and hone their learning skills.

Using assessments, your student will identify their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to studying, testing, logic, and reasoning. Once discovered, they will use a series of exercises to develop each reasoning type.

Every student will use a customized approach that is tailored to address their specific needs.

Once completed, your student will be able to better understand how to reason critically, test confidently, and be equipped to solve problems.

Comparative Worldviews

As your student makes the transition from high school to college, they will be presented with new worldviews and beliefs. They must be able to respond with truth and a firm belief of their own.

The Comparative Worldviews Course helps your student explore the idea of worldview as well as some of the dominant worldviews shaping the contemporary world. This course includes a combination of video lectures, reflection worksheets, and selected reading.

Your student will have the opportunity to apply the critical reasoning skills they are learning to a course that will help them not only secure their own worldview, but also earn 3 highly transferable college credits.

Life Launch

As your student nears the end of their time with CollegePrep, they will have uncovered their life purpose and developed the life skills required to pursue it. In addition, they will understand their worldview and be able to skillfully articulate it. Everything done to this point is to prepare your student to successfully launch into life.